Lindsey has taken her extensive background of over 20 years in business coaching in the high tech industry and expanded these skills into a personal coaching practice. She has been an intuitive all her life and has utilized this talent to create a calm and loving environment where people feel safe enough to open up and have magical breakthroughs.

Her expertise allows clients to feel protected and cared about which builds immediate trust and credibility. This allows clients to open up in ways not experienced previously.

Lindsey is passionate about helping a client build positive and long lasting relationships wherever possible or assist a client to create a new beginning if required.

After experiencing the power of the Conscious Uncoupling program herself, Lindsey is excited to guide her clients through this healing and transformative process to find their own true happiness.

Allow Lindsey to help you find the “Happily Even After” life you have been looking for by working through the Conscious Uncoupling program with her.